Sunday, February 17, 2008

bday redux

Hopefully I'll have some photos soon but highlights of yesterday's shindig include:

*Marissa and Denise doing the beauty blitz on my hair and makeup in my apartment in 20 minutes flat ("close," "look up! "we're going to spray")
*Seeing people from so many facets of my life squished together at Bar Jules.
*Dave and Dave showing up in the window behind us as Ellen was filming our table
*Bar Jules food. Yeah for borscht! and thanks to Jessica and co. managing us and another large party.
*singing and playing our songs at Cafe La Vie
*Cecelia's performance!
* Seeing people from so many facets of my life mingling at my morning coffee stop
* the Cafe crew-George, Rachel and Luke for bday cake#1, pouring wine, making drinks and being their bright spirit selves
*Yoon Ki's flourless cake (she bakes as good as she plays violin)
*Getting a blues harmonica from Alex
*Alex's birthday song
* throwing Shawn Shaffer's Om Cookies to everyone like candy from a float
*drinking real absinthe at Absinthe w/the crew who lasted or came back.
*dreaming up a new collaboration with Deborah Slater, Cecelia, and Aaron over empty glasses to close out the night
* feeling the love

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