Saturday, March 1, 2008

two cents on the election

A recent discussion about presidential candidates led to talk of compromises. I can't help looking at Hilary and seeing how many compromises she's had to make to stay in a visible place of leadership, compromises which are hurting her now as her character is slammed that much harder than the other candidates. Sexism, internalized and externalized, is still rampant (as is, duh, racism), and while we've come a long way (baby), as this election demonstrates, we've got a long way to go on all fronts. Being female, white and interested in leadership, I'll stick to the those issues. I'm not saying Hilary deserves a vote for the simple reason that she is a woman. In fact, the more I think about her right now, I think the presidency isn't in her, or our, best interest. That said, I hope she does with her visibility what Al Gore did when his presidential aspirations went south: hone her life's mission that much more. Part of this, maybe will be mentoring the next round of women political leaders, who knows? Without the mantle of president of the U.S., hopefully, she'd get to be all that Hilary is, not compromised by her marriage, her gender, or her history, rather than informed and wisened by it.


Karen said...

Well said! (And I agree.)

MYM said...

Yes, very well said. I think she has a great future without the presidency...I think she'd soar much more without the baggage, aka Bill.