Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Francisco Illuminated

The Mission was doing its low hum of activity as I walked down Valencia St. to rent a movie. "Yeah, that's why everyone is moving here from New York," said my friend, which I don't know is true—I seem to know a fair bunch of SFers who've moved East—though one of San Francisco's favorite districts did rate New York Times notice on Sunday. That said, having often thought of trying out NY myself for its heady mix of all manner of creative expression & opportunity, I was quite pleased with the variety of genre-hopping options the weekend presented to me without my leaving town. After a work shin-dig at Bright Idea (a party in and of itself), I sat in with Reds at their studio in Oakland in prep for recording some backup vox; went on to have a blast playing at Saturday's Socha show with Kwame, Ben and Dianne; and Sunday, post-mixing, went to Karl Erb's Monthly Kirtan at Yoga Loft. All were very different experiences, musically and otherwise, and I enjoyed every minute of them.
Back to movie rentals: I have to admit I didn't read the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, and must of blinked and missed when the movie arrived in theatres a couple years ago. Either way, I thought Everything Is Illuminated the DVD, did a swell job of telling a fantastic, heartbreaking story.

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