Thursday, September 4, 2008


"A process is a naturally occurring or designed sequence of changes of properties or attributes of an object or system. More precisely, and from the most general systemic perspective, every process is representable as a particular trajectory (or part thereof) in a system's phase space."– from Wikipedia

It's been, duh, hot, hot, hot in San Francisco. Sweltering, addled, ersatz, are my words of the week along the aforementioned, 'process,' which gives you an idea of the contents of my brain. Amid the heat, I FedExed a package off to the CD manufacturers. Cross fingers and I'll have some shiny discs to show for it on September 26. 11 songs written over the past five years. This weekend, I cracked open my notebook, and thought 'oh, these will be the next CD.' But first, rehearsing for the 9/26 Socha gig. I hope you'll put it on your calendar. I'm sharing the bill with my friend and fellow songwriter Jean Mazzei (trivia note: both of our recent CDs have the word 'Water' in their title). More later.

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