Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend lullaby

So my quiet weekend went out with some music. One of my plans in India is to reboot my occasional study of Indian vocal music. With the trip ever on my mind, I got home Sunday and realized it was 3rd Sunday Kirtan with Karl and headed over to YogaLoft. And hour and a half of devotional singing did wonders. As I was leaving, Aaron called and reminded me it was Classical Revolution Night at the Revolution Cafe so I picked him up and headed to the Mission for a weekend nightcap of classical music by local maestros. Basically an open jam for the classical set, the weekly+ sessions feature a ever rotating circle of violinists, cellists and the occasional piano player playing the classics. The place was packed. I made up for missing the lovely Kitka's actual lullaby show in Menlo Park while thanking the city for being its SF-cultural-melting-pot self anew.

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