Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can safely say I'm proud to be an American. It was morning in India on November 5 when we got the great news. I arrived at the nearest Internet cafe with electricity (lights go out frequently here for no apparent reason) with a TV after breakfast (parathas & chutney the new fave) just in time to see McCain cede and shout, holler and compare goosebumps with a group of yoga students from Canada, Spain, Taiwan, New Zealand & New York. Ever since I arrived in India, I've been explaining to the large international contingent that, yes, I cast my vote early for Obama, and yes, not all Americans (are there any left?) were really behind Bush. The magnitude of what this election means, not only to US but the rest of the world has been reflected back at me for the past 10 days. And today it was unanimous joy, and hope, that everyone around me, American & more often otherwise, reflected back. Congrats Obama, congrats America.


Unknown said...

Obama 08!

I was so overjoyed. Hope India is well, as always :)


Bird in the Tree said...

I know, so amazing!