Monday, December 8, 2008

On the road: SLO, LA & points in between

Let's just say hitting the road for LA so shortly after flying around the globe after a month in India is a bit surreal. Everything seems huge, from city blocks to shopping malls to coffee drinks & I'm plagued by indecision in restaurants and grocery stores. Too many options! My dreams have been populated with strange settings peopled by many of my Mysore friends & some of the songs I've played seem like they were written by someone else. I'm feeling extremely grateful for friends new and old: Playing with Alex, Yoon Ki & Aaron at the Block Party to kick things off (pictures tk), sharing the So. Cal trip & shows with my fellow songwriter (and yogini) Jean Mazzei has been fun, as has been playing Linnaea's, hanging with college pals Mat & Becca in Los Osos, chatting with Dave at Flat Cat Radio in Glendora and now lounging in Irvine with Jean's life-long pals as we prep for The Talking Stick show. Plenty of fodder for new writing... if I only sat still long enough!