Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Patti: Scialfa does more than back up

Given they haven't let a woman onstage during the Super Bowl halftime show since Janet Jackson flashed the world at the 2006 game, I was pleased to see Patti Scialfa playing guitar and singing alongside husband Mr. Springsteen yesterday. Scialfa is a fine & talented songwriter herself so while your re-remembering & downloading all those Bruce hits that you forgot you knew, look up her material. The 12 minutes of music allotted during the halfitime show may have had its share of corn, but I was jazzed all the same to see and hear (as best I could over the party din) Springsteen, one of the country's best songwriters, who is as American as the 'big game' itself, as he strut his stuff.

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Unknown said...

I agree. Patti is an amazing singer and songwriter. Unfortunately, she is often lost in Bruce's shadow.