Saturday, May 16, 2009


After a solid three weeks of shows, events, rehearsals, travel, parties, & showing out of town friends around, I may be able to pause a bit. I've been moving through an incredibly rich landscape of people, communities, events, sights and sounds...and I couldn't have done it without the fuel provided by Raw Revolution organic food bars. If you were any of the events I've been at the past few weeks, you've probably tried them. Good stuff. Shout out for good nutrition! Nor could I have done the run w/o support of Rynda in LA, Pacsckie in Long Beach, & Karen in New York. Thank you, dear friends, for making travel easy. Moving forward, I've a trio of Bay Area dates in June, plus a recording session with Alex Walsh. I realized upon relistening on the plane back from New York that some of our RPM Challenge material were keepers. Stay tuned for an EP. : )
photo of me with Jen Pritchard by Michelle May

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chantelletibbs said...

That's a hot little "pause" pose you two have going on there!