Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pie! Alameda Pie delivers

One of the big projects of the summer has been organizing and preparing for September's Indie Abundance: Music, Money & Mindfulness™ Tour of the Northwest. Chantelle Tibbs, Emily Bonn & myself have been garnering a fair number of community sponsors for the combination of gigs and workshops, one of whom, Alameda Pie will be graciously donating some pies to our kick-off show at El Rio on August 30. Most people know I'm a big fan of pie (evidently it's in my blood, my 100-year-old great aunt told me once that her "Pennsylvania Dutch Grandmother ate pie for breakfast, lunch & dinner on the farm in Missoura") so I'm pretty smitten with the idea of home pie delivery. I asked founder Chris, The Pie Truck's founder, about his venture.
DC: How long have you been making pies? When did you love of pies begin?
PT: I've been making pies for 10 years or so, but I've always loved pie. Pumpkin pie for breakfast during the holidays is a great childhood memory.
DC: How did the Pie Truck come to be?
PT: Good question. I guess it was just one of those times when I was sitting around trying to figure out what kind of job I'd really like to have. And then instead of laughing it off, I woke up one day and realized I'd just hopped in and started doing it.
DC: What's your favorite kind pie? Your most memorable pie?
PT: Right now I'd say sweet potato. Or apple. In the right mood, coconut cream. It changes. And I tend to like pie cold or the day after instead of right out of the oven, for whatever reason. Most memorable pie? I had an amazing Key Lime Pie at a campground concession stand in the Florida Keys. It made me want to drive up to Mississippi to see if that;s really where the best Mud Pie was from.
DC: Do you eat pie even on your time 'off?' Where?
PT: I definitely eat pie on my time off, anywhere I can. Basically, if someone made a pie by hand I figure it's gonna be pretty good.
DC: If you're not making pie, you're......?
PT: Gardening, beekeeping, listening to the Giants game on the radio.

Pie from The Pie Truck will be served at The Indie Abundance Tour™ Kick-Off Show & BBQ El Rio, 8/30 @ 1pm pies during pies by writing You can also find Alameda Pie on Facebook.


Karen said...

Yes, how perfect that you have The Pie Truck as a sponsor!

Unknown said...

Hmmm, guess I'll have to work up my song, I Love Pie! One of the key questions to locals on my People Places & Sings slowcookin' backwards tour is "Where can I get a good piece of pie?"