Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking About Trees

I was at a gathering last night, were someone brought a bowl of fresh plums from their tree to share. Biting into the fresh plums reminded me of home, growing up with a whole bunch of fruit trees out the door, and how over the years, I had a relationship of sorts with those trees--who was bearing, who was best to climb, who was best for shade, who wasn't going to last the winter, which one my dad planted before I was born. My friend of the plums said the tree was from her Community Garden space. They fed a half dozen of us and there were plenty left over. Despite the urbanity, there are plenty of trees in San Francisco, and I've been enjoying a summer sublet near a wonderful park with a nice selection of trees. I took a break today from all the tour planning and sat contemplating some of the trees at Alta Plaza, none fruit bearing, but stalwart all the same.

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