Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week's Gleanings: Quotables, Community Works, Gigs & Art-making

" I think an artist should work even harder than those who work 9 to 5 jobs. In these times, especially, the materialism and lifestyle attached to art, and music, and just about everything, has become so rampant, and has produced a lot of soulless, contentless work, I think more than ever we have to work harder." Patti Smith, in Gibson Interview: Patti Smith on Rock and Roll, Poetry and Lullabies

A lot of practice and gig prep this week, and in between, making some new discoveries on the SF community & insight front....

Can I not say enough about Community Works Acupuncture? Thanks to Indie Abundance™ tour mate Chantelle, I got turned onto this GREAT resource for those iso affordable acupuncture. Thank you Ninah.

I went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market today, very mellow on a weekday, stellar food per usual. It was one of those nearly everything-from-Santa Cruz days, including Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut. Yum.

Didn't Stefan Gustafson of Stefangus Design do a great job on the Indie Abundance Tour™ poster? We're psyched.

In the midst of staying sane amid a lot of activities, I've been re-appreciating sun salutations for all they contain this week, which led me to re-reading about obstacles, etc. The yogic view:

From Bo Forbes in Yoga Journal:

"According to the Yoga Sutra (Book II), there are five kleshas, or afflictions, that, like clever sorcerers, can knock you off balance or sidetrack you in your quest for spiritual evolution.

AVIDYA The inability to see things for what they are; this causes you to mistake transient, ego-related matters for permanent, soul-related ones.

ASMITA The tendency to overidentify with your ego; this keeps you from connecting with your soul.

RAGA The flame of desire that causes addiction to pleasure; this discourages you from leaving your comfort zone for more evolved territory.

DVESHA The aversion to pain; this creates a quicksandlike cycle of misery and self-hatred that sucks you under and suffocates your will to evolve.

ABHINIVESHA The fear of death or a clinging to life; this dilutes your focus and interferes with your ability to experience the spiritual freedom that is the goal of yoga"

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