Monday, September 7, 2009

Touring Daze: Northwest x Indie Abundance

I like touring because I enjoy getting up and going and the opportunity to play every night. This doesn't mean I don't get completely addled but in general, the adventure is worth it. During this run through the Northwest, I'm with a sweet cast of characters on an eclectic bill: Take two vehicles, one big bass, 8 people, 4-5 guitars, a banjo, and a fiddle, 5 different venues and a variety of lodging arrangements, including college buddies, India travel & yoga pals, hosts, (1 exceedingly comfortable) hostel, one night together all in one 'family suite' hotel room, and one with a band member's relatives, and what you get is plenty of fodder for new songs, impromptu jams, both great & inane conversations tighter sets and growth opportunities. Viva la throwing oneself out into the world.

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