Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Great Idea Tour 2010

I've teamed up with my songwriter friend and fellow yogini Jean Mazzei for a March tour through the southwest that we've called The Great Idea 2010. Given the dual hats we were as dedicated yoga practitioners and performing musicians we'll not only be playing at traditional music venues but at a host of Lululemon clothing stores where we'll be encouraging local communities to share their great ideas for bettering their words. We did a bit of a warm-up performance as part of LuluLemon - Burlingame's community day last Sunday which was very fun. I'll be at a LuluLemon in Seattle in January and the full-meal deal kicks off in Burlingame March 11. I'm telling you now because we're also hosting a T-shirt Design Contest. Find out how you can get involved at the official Great Idea site. Quantcast