Monday, September 13, 2010

Live Music Sundays with the Bay Area Songwriter Collective

There's a wealth of songwriting talent in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of which was well-represented at the West Coast Songwriters Conference this weekend. I've been fortunate to meet, many, many wonderful musicians through both WCS and the less-formal 'Bay Area Songwriting Collective' which also gathered this weekend. The latter is a loosely knit group of several dozen of the Bay Area's committed songwriters who've been coming together for years to share and critique their newest songs. Think peer-review over a good meal. While most members actively perform and record, we're starting a performance residency, second Sundays at The Actual Cafe in Oakland next month. Each turn, 3 or so members will be featured performers.
The Songwriter Sundays at Actual Cafe kicks off October 10, at 4pm. Come, come...and expect new and great material in a community friendly venue.

6334 San Pablo Avenue (@ Alcatraz Avenue)
Oakland, CA 94608
Tel: 510.653.8386
Fax: 510.595.1124

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