Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make it Acoustic: Music, Saturday, 4/23 @ Bazaar Cafe

The Bazaar cafe is perhaps the most songwriter friendly cafe in San Francisco. Home to one of the city's more venerable open mics, it's also one of the first places I ever went public with an orginal song, 'original' being the operative word. The Bazaar is not about cover songs. The Bazaar is about music being made now, by the people that play the songs, live and unplugged, and about creating a space to hear it. So I'm jazzed to be sharing a gig with Kwame Copeland in such a listening room, this coming Saturday, April 23, at 7pm. We'll be swapping acoustic sets of our own tunes— many from our recently released CDs, "Simple Things" (Kwame) and "Other Halves" (Deborah)—backed by some swell accompaniests. Plus the Bazaar has all manner of tasty food & beverages to make you that much more comfortable... and we'd love to see you.
Saturday, April 23, 7-9pm
KCDC: Kwame Copeland & Deborah Crooks
Bazaar Cafe
5927 California St
San Francisco California 94114

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