Friday, January 18, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Deception

Oh Lance, did you have to? What an ugly story Armstrong's has turned out to be, especially for those of us who love the sport of cycling. I hung up my bike racing shoes more than a decade a go, but having been double-dipped in the sport for a time, I'm at once fascinated and revolted by Lance's 'coming clean' on Oprah (or 'Doprah' as the Twitterverse deemed it). I was racing bikes and working an editorial job at VeloNews in Boulder, CO when Lance won the 1993 world championship and signaled what a powerhouse (albeit now exceedingly tarnished) of the peloton he would be for the next 12 years. When the finish line photos came in, we all poured over them in awe. The world couldn't help but be thrilled and impressed by his achievements. And even long after I'd stopped riding competitively, I kept track of Lance and his victories.  I'd learned enough from those in the know that the accusations had merit before this week's Oprah 'event' ...but the depth of his lies is truly astonishing and oh-so-disappointing.
READ: The Secret Race: Inside Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups and Winning at All Costs
EAT: Crow? Nah, will stick with something real, but deceptive in it's own way (i.e. no dairy about the cream, no white sugar, no cooking) ala this raw triple chocolate cake recipe.
LISTEN: Miles Davis - Deception-Davis

Powered by Big news for SF music lovers is that the new SF Jazz Center is opening January 21. Located in the heart of Hayes Valley, close the the symphony and ballet, it's exciting and accessibleNPR will be streaming the big opening night concert which is star-studded and, alas, SOLD OUT. Thank you NPR!

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