Thursday, April 11, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Eat.Listening.Listening.

I confess, I haven't been reading much in the way of books. The newspaper, the occasional blog post, the requisite New Yorker, but a good ole book? Hasn't been happening, sadly. Spring's pull outside, music studio time, yoga studio time, writing, general busy-ness have conspired against it. That said, I've been listening a fair amount. So, today we're skipping the Read in Read.Eat.Listen and getting to Eat.Listen.Listen.  So goes!
Eat: Really drink. Home-made almond milk is the week's best thing in the fridge. So simple (soaked almonds blended with a little salt & vanilla). Maybe I've posted this before? In any case, use it for smoothies, drink it straight up, add a teaspoon of vitamineral green for an easy/yummy green drink.
Listen: I met Matt Baxter a decade a go when producer Roberta Donnay called him in to play guitar on my first recording; Jake Sampson is a local blues singer and bass player I met after moving to Alameda. Matt & Jake released a soulful blues collection "Haunted" recently, and last week I saw them live at High St. Station. These guys got big energy and stellar licks. Check em out.
Listen: San Francisco's own favorite musician, studio owner and truly prolific and passionate artist John Vanderslice just ran an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for his Dagger Beach album. Lucky contributors go a song written for them and a collection of new tunes and a David Bowie cover album. Generous. Here's a song, 'Overcoat' from his 2011 release "White Wilderness."

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