Friday, July 19, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Summertime...

Read: "Saturday Night" by Susan Orlean a new book, but it is recently updated by the author, of whom I'm a fan.  Given that most Saturday nights in our house involve music, I wondered what Orlean had to say about what much of the rest of the population is up to.  Though she's famous for her book "The Orchid Thief", I came to know Orlean's work through her pieces in The New Yorker. And I loved "The Bullfighter Checker Her Makeup" (which includes a piece about Maui Surfer Girls that formed the basis for the movie Blue Crush) and her travel collection "My Kind of Place" so went in for "Saturday Night" which thus far is a characteristically quirky, clear-eyed and fun view of what obsesses many folks on Saturday night.

Eat:  Did I live on pie and kale chips on this recent road trip? Well almost. How fantabulous it is to be back home and able to make my own meals! And yay, it's summer so the farmer's market is popping with fresh tomatoes. I'm eyeing this gluten free pizza recipe from Saveur to try next:

Gluten-Free Pizza Margherita This spin on a classic Neapolitan pizza was inspired by one served at Don Antonio's by Starita in New York City

Listen: Unfortunately, I got behind on what was going on in the Bay Area when I was away, and missed Bonnie Bishop's show at Freight & Salvage this week. Bishop, a Nashville songwriter who recently had one of her songs ("Not 'Cause I Wanted To") covered by the one-and-only bested-of best singers Bonnie Raitt is indeed a wonderful singer and writer. Check this tune "Free" out:

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