Sunday, September 22, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Coastal

Read: I pre-ordered Linda Rondstadt's memoir "Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir" so it was delivered to my Kindle App as soon as it was released on Sept 17 and I'm just about done with it. Smart, funny, and detailed about her amazing music career, she writes candidly about her roots growing up in a musical family in Arizona, following her musical muse to LA and seeing her musical career take in the 70s off despite crooked managers, drugged out or drunk musicians, and contrasting visions between label and artist. And then never stopping following her erudite muse which took her all over the musical map...until she recently had to stop singing due to Parkinson's disease. She's a great singer, a savvy song-picker and had an amazing career. Every paragraph of this book is chock-full of big names from nearly every genre of music you can imagine — from rock to opera, cajun to standards — and insider knowledge.
Eat: It finally feels a little like fall around here, which is apt given the equinox, so there's a pumpkin in the oven, and I think it's going to be soup.
Listen: Of course, I'm listening to a bunch of Linda Ronstadt now but a current band got in the mix, albeit they have a retro sound. Best Coast has newer music coming out but I'm grooving on this 2012 effort.

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