Monday, December 30, 2013

Sparing the Air

I've been enjoying a lovely year-end spate of writing, rest and relaxation punctuated by social gatherings and good cheer. Over the weekend, we got out on the boat on a nearly wind-free day to drift more than sail around the Bay. It was gorgeous and quiet and relatively warm. Only thing was a thin layer of smog visible on the horizon. Amid all the year-end revelry and hopeful prognostications for 2014, I've a creeping awareness of how dry its been. While it's been a personally satisfying year, it's also been California's Driest Year on Record. Ouch!
What to do? While your making New Year's resolutions and lists, give some thought to the environment as well.
The Spare the Air site has many resources for how to spare the air every day. Take a look:
Save Our H20is also a good resource for husbanding our precious water resources.

Watch Neil Young - Mother Earth

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