Sunday, January 12, 2014

In Yeti Territory

Growing up in Santa Cruz, I somehow got my hands on a book about Bigfoot, the storied (mythical?) forest-dwelling ape creature. Henceforth, I was convinced Bigfoot lived in the woods above our house and might venture down to haunt me. He never did but for a chunk of time I was certain that Bigfoot existed. 
Recently, I was on a plane and noticed an inflight magazine article about Bigfoot (or Yeti or Sasquatch), which jogged the memory of my childhood fascination. Of course, I was compelled to write a song 'Something Special' which I've just added to my set. So I laughed to see a Sasquatch Field Guide when we arrived to play at Redwood Curtain Brewing Company in Arcata last night. Art imitating nature or nature imitating art? We head into Oregon tomorrow.  We saw a wolf driving through Wyoming last summer so who knows? My eyes are peeled.

You can also get a Sasquatch Field Guide at Amazon

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