Friday, May 2, 2014

Read.Eat.Listen: In process

Read: I'm really glad it's May. April was a challenging month personally, underscored by a nasty cold that stayed too long. One of the bright lights was poetry. I took National Poetry Month to heart and doubled up my reading of verse, a habit I want to keep. Here's one I appreciated from Linda Gregg today, culled, again, from the A Year of Being Here poetry blog:

The woman walks up the mountain
and then down. She wades into the sea
and out. Walks to the well,
pulls up a bucket of water
and goes back into the house.
She hangs wet clothes.
Takes clothes back to fold them.
Every evening she crochets
from six until dark.
Birds, flowers, stars. Her rabbit lives
in an empty donkey pen. The sea is out
there are far as the stars.
Always quiet.
No one there. She may not believe
in anything. Not know
what she is doing. Every morning
she waters the geranium plant.
And the leaves smell like lemons.

— Linda Gregg
Eat: How to live local and feel connected is equal parts art and practice. How to eat healthy amid variable schedules falls into the same camp. I don't have much garden space and haven't made the time for the local community garden so I'm appreciating the CSA deliveries from Dan's Fresh Produce, as well as the new cookbook book, Clean Eats, from Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of Clean. 200 new, can't-fail healthy recipes. Ole!
Listen:  I've been spending a week plus learning some covers for a private event so I'm doubly enjoying the new Norah Jones/Sasha Dobson/Catherine Popper project Puss n Boots. Here's their version of Johnny Cash's Bull Rider.

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