Tuesday, September 16, 2014

KCDC Your Own Reaction Released!

I'm pleased to announce that the KCDC "Your Own Reaction" Cd is now available worldwide, online via CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, etc.! We're proud of these songs and had a great time playing them live in Berkeley on Sunday. If you weren't at the show, I hope you'll take a listen and order a copy ...or two or three!
KCDC: Your Own Reaction
Representing about two years of focused work, from the time Kwame and I challenged one another to co-write an album, to recording the basics of 10 songs at Lost Monkey Studio, to overdubbing, working out the vocal parts and the artwork, and mixing the tracks, the disc represents more than the production cycle: it's actually the result of about a century of combined experience of scribbling in notebooks, practicing scales, playing shows, etc. et. al. by the individuals that form the band and who helped produce the CD. When the box of KCDC Cds finally arrived on our doorstep a month or so back, we took one out and sat a moment with it, looking at the credits, awed and grateful for how much expertise came with each name  (be it design, audio engineering, playing specific instruments, writing, listening) and the day-by-day process that led to a finished result.  It was humbling to hold the finished product, a marker on the path that has taken us through all sorts of terrain of collaboration and consensus and expression, and satisfying. We'd seen these songs through.

 On the surface, KCDC's debut CD "Your Own Reaction" is a guitar-driven batch of California-made roots music played by a veteran group of musicians who appreciate a good riff and an infectious beat. But really, the 10 songs on "Your Own Reaction" are about putting your heart on the line, surrendering to love and taking responsibility for your actions. It's meant for listeners who love real instruments and authentic writing; listeners who are seeking out truth and beauty in their lives and think this world deserves the best they've got. Recorded with band mates drummer Mike Stevens and bassist Andrew Gibson at Stevens’ Lost Monkey Studios in Hayward, CA, and co-produced by Crooks, Copeland and Stevens, the album is a truly collaborative effort. Mastering by Ken Lee; design by Harper Design Group.

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