Sunday, October 16, 2016

Songwriters in the Round at The Oakland Octopus October 19 7pm

Songwriters in the Round at Oakland Octopus

This month includes: Valerie Jay, Wendy Beckerman, Austin Willacy and your host Deborah Crooks.
Austin Willacy  “…an edgy adult contemporary sound that goes down easily and speaks to the heart.” — San Franciso Examiner 
Wendy Beckerman 
 A great singer/songwriter with a wonderful, unaffected voice. Amazing arrangements of acoustic guitar, vocals and strings. Gorgeous melodic songs with perfect harmonies. Her songs seem to aim not to impress, but to express. Very creative.”— Derek Sivers 
Valerie Jay 
“Valerie Jay has one of the best country voices I have ever had the pleasure to record, the way she phrases the lyrics makes you believe that every word is coming straight from her heart” – Tom Tyson, Producer, Music Farm “Valerie is singing great, it’s always a pleasure to hear her lovely voice” – Albert Lee England’s Calling 
Deborah Crooks
"Deborah Crooks’ is simply too original to be a singer who will be known as someone who sings like…like no one. She changes gears seamlessly and in regards to Lucinda [Williams], Deborah may have a wider pallet of styles than even Lucinda." — John Apice, No Depression

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