Wednesday, October 31, 2007

earthquakes and the awesome present

It's Halloween...I'm being myself!
Consistent with my rebooted yoga practice, I've been teaching a bit of basic asana to interested folks. Last night, I was about to give some private instruction when the apartment started shaking. I knew right away what it was so we both headed for the doorway. But where is the safest place to seek shelter in a third-floor apartment in the heart of San Francisco? Away from glass was the easy part but the doorway seemed flimsy as the building creaked and shook, and I realized I might want to make a plan for future reference. Nonetheless, the immediate ticket back to calm soon after the 5.6 tremor stilled proved to be getting back to practice.
"...when events are felt strongly, all the senses are brought into focus: sound, sight, feeling, taste. ...At that moment the present time is felt acutely—the awesome present. These events take over all our sense and compress time." —artist Bill Jensen in Bomb (Spring 2007)

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