Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday's scene

The fun thing about living in a neighborhood that’s a hub of activity is that I walk out the door and literally into a bunch of artists. Yesterday, the first thing I set my eyes on when I went outside was the atmospheric circus-inspired photography of Becca Henry. We had a nice discussion about the work and I priced some of my faves out. Nonetheless, I was glad I made a ‘’priority” shopping list of things I really needed before venturing out into the Capsule Street Festival as Hayes Valley and the 'Green were filled with indie designers and artisans selling their wares. Easy to get distracted by one of a kind, stitched scarves, over-sized silver rings that look cool but probably wouldn’t withstand keyboards, bike handlebars, guitars or yoga mats and hand-sewn quail pillows that reminded me of the birds that filled my yard when I lived in a rural part of Santa Cruz. That said, I picked up a sweet belt with a cloisonné elephant buckle from The Urge to Adorn, found a dress from Rebe, and made sure to take contact info for Orange Slice and Threads by Cho-Cho. Ran into David Winslow as well who is on a fund-raising campaign to match the funds his architecture firm garnered from the city to develop Lindey Alley into a a “living alley.” We've been talking for months about putting together an event. Stay posted.

By mid-day the hyper-social weekend was taking its toll and I eventually hid out and read the paper in a Western Addition café for part of the afternoon to get some quiet.
Evening kirtan with Karl Erb (laughingly called "Second Sunday Sacred Singing") at Yoga Tree capped the weekend. I hadn’t sung an Indian Scale since studying with Chloe Goodchild a ways back. Got me hankering for India again and inspired some new ideas.... But first the projects at hand! I’m awaiting newly mixed “All Red” and “Believe” this week and happy that Vanessa Van Spall and Nina Jo will be sitting in next Sunday at Trieste....


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