Sunday, November 11, 2007

beautiful sunday

After the winter rain and grey of yesterday, the sun is shining benevolence over the Bay. Alamo Square was swarming with tourists as I walked up and over Hayes St. after yoga class this morning. San Francisco was wearing its best smile, all painted ladies and green grass and blue sky, and from a distance, it was hard to fathom the condition of the Bay waters. Despite my wish to help with the oil cleanup, my attempts at volunteerism where put on hold. I, like hundreds of folks who wanted to help either didn't get an assignment or were turned away. Evidently most of the work right now is too tricky for average folk. Nonetheless, Baykeeper and Fish and Wildlife Service ((800) 228-4544 ) are good places to call so you can be notified when jobs turn up.
Saturday evening, I attended a "yoga scholars" dinner organized by Eric Shaw, in Alameda where many of the area's yoga teacher/writer/thinkers gathered to meet. Fun to see some people whose byline I've read in the past, live and in the flesh, and find such a diverse crew is documenting yoga in all its flavors-from "the orthodoxy" to new forms, to women's spirituality to green yoga -in modern times. The evening concluded with talk of semi-regular yoga salons. Walked away with some perspective on how I may or may not fit into the mix and got up motivated to practice. When all is said and done, liberation (as well as writing clearly) is work. Ya just gotta get to it.
I'm looking forward to playing at the Bazaar later this evening. I've been listening to the Michael-mastered versions of my tunes for the past few days and it's time to go live! RE: CD production, Artwork decisions also continue to be made and Talbot and I discussed using an image from my India notebooks for the cover. I had hoped to get this all done by this weekend-hah!-now I'm aiming for the next three weeks. Stay tuned.

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