Monday, November 12, 2007

urban living

Hayes Valley continues its march toward weekend destination, all crowded sidewalks and brunch goers. With a few hours post yoga and pre-Bazaar, I got to the Civic Center Farmer's Market on Sunday w/Yoo Ki (who I hope to catch post-song group Tuesday @ Club Waziema manana w/a Pine Box boy), where we got wowed by eggplants, persimmons & peppers glowing in the almost-winter sun, some of which might be employed in the dinner I'm supposed to cook for the songwriters.
Joy was all about the sun yesterday, so I joined the masses and took a sidewalk seat at the Boulangerie and drew for a bit. They may be a 'chain' by Hayes Valley standards, but most of us are enjoying the food and drink options it provides. That said, they need to put their trash somewhere else other than outside my apartment my 'hood's standards, the Richmond was quiet though parking was hell for all who came to the Bazaar last night for sets by myself and Paula Maya. Maya, a Brazil born singer living in Seattle, was fab on piano and vox ...once she got to the cafe- a friend spent nearly entire set parking so she could play. Likewise, Shawn Shaffer (harmonica) and Alex Walsh (guitar) were similarly hampered, spending most of my set searching for parking and getting into the cafe to back me on the last three songs. So it goes in gig land....still with all those cars in action (or nonaction) Muni was having a hard time keeping up with the load this a.m. Serious squishage. I'm in need of a nature dose past the grass of Alamo Square, and the occasional hawk sighting over downtown. yup, my rural roots are showing.

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