Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy hours

I never made it to the Sangati Center last night-Stephanie Agresta's post-work happy hour call at House of Shields led to the Laughing Squid 12th Anniversary party @Varnish Fine Art (a gallery I can see from the TCG window) and home, rather than the Mission was my last stop. I met a slew of new folks including James Rocchi, an Ontario-born writer and critic. Our talk inevitably led to Alice Munro, my heroine of the short story form, so I just picked up her collection "Runaway." I'm going to hunker down with it instead of writing up another topic of discussion I had @ Varnish (the image is by gallery rep'ed artist Ana Bagayan) w/a musician and NON-fan of social media. He was definitely the odd one in the bunch; however, the conversation gave me much food for thought about the merits and minuses of social media...we know about each other more than ever...or do we?

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