Friday, November 16, 2007

drummers, food, sound vibration

I'm searching for a drummer in SF. I put the word out to my musician coworkers yesterday; ran an ad, then met up w/Talbot re: liner notes and Jacqui for chanting and dinner and forgot about it. Nonetheless, amid the eating and catch up I found out that her main man just bought a drum kit; then it was revealed that the bartender was a drummer. I always laugh when things like that happen. Anyhow, I'm sorting through possibilities as I realize I better get rehearsing for December and January shows and SF rehearsals have to happen given the work schedule. I've been working more than anything these days.
Today, the office crew went to Osha and feasted on Thai for lunch. There's a reason there's always a wait at this place. Yes to papaya salad and salmon skewers....Since I've been reading about them for a project I've been listening to Band of Horses later. I believe they're at the Fillmore. Probably be packed. Live and in person, I'm likely going for something obscure @ the Sangati Center, a newish yoga space in the Mission....
I can't get to Sylvia Nakkach's sound&music workshop at CIIS tomorrow as I'm leading a half-hour of chanting at the Cultural Center @10 am, but the description of the chanting is apt for both:"Since time immemorial, sound has been used as a gateway to transcendence and the exploration of consciousness by shamans, yogis, mystics, and scientists. Sound expresses the relationship between the human and cosmic orders, and it can deepen our knowledge of the universe."

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