Thursday, November 15, 2007

viva la difference

San Francisco isn't Nashville, however if theSF Songsalive showcases are any indication, SF boasts an amazingly diverse songwriting community. How nice to walk five minutes from home and find Steven Andrew Kacsmar and his social justice folk rock, Katie Garibaldi's increasingly polished pop/rock/songwriting, Loren Davidson's hilariously infectious odes to Key West, & J. Thomas's gospel soul. I held up my soul-searching angst-driven end of the bargain (thanks Steven for harmonies) to open the evening. Vanessa Van Spall stopped by to say hi as well amid a recording session (We're sharing a show in January in San Luis Obispo and I'm looking to book a gig on the way back up in Santa Cruz). Afterward, I met Rod at Hotel Biron to debrief-I'd accepted a pass to the Elliot/Dave Eggers conversation, prior to recalling my Songsalive! commitment. Sounds like some laughs were had but I found equal amusement at Biron hearing Rod's suggestions for in your face yoga t-shirts. A half glass of the Portrait of a Mutt Zin was enough.
Back to the Nashville West that's going on in the city, Tuesday night's City Session at Club Waziema was equally warm and diverse. I walked down to see Yoon Ki sit in with Lester Raw (Pine Box Boys)on violin (great stuff), but also caught the last of the duo High Diving Horses. Guitar and toy piano, fun.

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