Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When I was in grade school, I was chosen by an art teacher to go to a special event with Ruth Asawa, who sometimes used bakers clay (like play-dough) and employed children and community members to participate and collaborate in some of her sculptural work. The result of my grade-school art experience w/Asawa, The San Francisco Fountain, is visible @ Post & Stockton near Union Square. The Rena Bransten Gallery is also close to the square and will be hosting an opening this Thursday. I doubt Asawa (if she comes) will remember me; however, I still plan to go, now being a fan of her fractal pattern inspired pieces (above)...
My art life doesn't include sculpting anymore, but when I'm stumped with writing, I do one of two things: draw or cook. A pal brought by some perfect persimmons the other day and they're turning into holiday cards via my favorite paper and hand-me down watercolor kit (Image tk -or card tk in your mailbox soon) and after, they'll likely be consumed. I've been baking less these days, and experimenting with raw foods instead. Yesterday, I stopped into my favorite rock star of a cooking equipment store on Divisadero St.: Cookin' Recycled Gourmet Appurtenances (339 Divisadero Street; 415-861-1854), which is overflowing with every gadget, bowl, teacup, etc. you could think of & picked up a groovy mini-chopper that will come in handy for the raw explorations. Divisadero is more and more one of my favorite streets, with Cookin, Backspace, the yoga options, The Independent, Club Waziema, it's proximity to Alamo Square and my home....anyhow, amid the painting, the shopping and the chopping I came up with half a song. Experiments with both raw foods and open tuning mean it's taking me longer to actually complete tunes. I realized recently that three of the five songs on the ep--that I hope to pick up by Friday, phew--were written more than three years ago. Persimmons ripen quicker! And raw persimmon pudding (below), even faster to prepare. I take courage from the words of Lucinda Williams on process:

"Sometimes a song will come right away, but most of the time, you have to go through a lot of drafts. The hard thing is not just settling for something that seems almost right. In the end, there's an inner feeling you have, and I think it comes with experience."

Persimmon Pudding
Courtesy of: D. Solorzano
Take 1-2 ripe persimmons, blend well.
Add sliced bananas, blend again (or not).

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Karen said...

I'm not certain I've ever tasted a persimmon. I always think of Mark Growden's Squeaky Persimmons and whoosh, in comes a flood of early SF sensations.