Wednesday, November 28, 2007

when enough is...

It takes me feeling less than great to realize sometimes not doing everything is OK. Yesterday found me sliding down the health rung-starting with sneezing, first drinking copious amounts of water when the sniffles didn't abate, ordering soup for lunch when the chill crept in, and then calling in Airborne when I realized I was starting to lose my edge completely. So big plans got relegated to a big cup of tea and reading & listening rather than writing. Enough, you know? There are plenty of other type As out there to fill in for me, and besides who would really notice how much I was or wasn't doing?

I've posted some new songs from upcoming EP on Reverbnation (see that sidebar). You can click and listen OR you can click and add my songs to your web-page. Show that love!

in other news, I was looking to see what another one of my favorite songwriter Julie Miller was up to and saw, too, that Buddy Miller is doing a very cool tour with Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris. Not anywhere near California, unfortunately, but there's this oddball cruise with many of these artist and more in Mexico near my birthday. Almost sold out and kind of pricey but who knows?

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