Wednesday, November 7, 2007

random thoughts

I've been in halfway-to-mad-scientist mode this week, when I'm sort of brooding but more swinging between the inspiration/idea/realization/aha moment and the best manifestation (sentence, song, action?) in between. So it's kind of good I have lots of work and have been rebooting 6-day a week yoga practice. (Can I just say again how happy it makes me that SF has a exclusive Mysore-style Ashtanga studio finally?) Practicing like this again makes me not mind the crowded 21 in the morning. It also swings me back EAST in other out-of-nowhere ways (the random copy shop I went to onbreak was run by a person who was born in Bangalore today). It also renders me more suited to deal with mini-fires at work, cry listening to Bjork sing (a work lead led me to this ), and (in mad scientist mode) figure out how to sort all those words I wrote last November during NaWriNoMo (or whatever the acronym is). Got to Yerba Buena Center at lunch to mull Fall's effects on the trees and grass and observe prep for FAUSTIN LINYEKULA/LES STUDIOS KABAKO Festival of Lies and get by the art store for some new pens. Key. I was jonesing for my sketchbook. Now if I can only find guitar strings in these parts, I'll work on getting my act together for Sunday.....
Too many cool things, I tell ya.

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