Friday, November 30, 2007

shapes, shadows, form, function and friends' work

Stopped into Asawa's "Shapes and Forms" exhibit before the Women Artists Leadership Meeting in the East Bay and will need to revisit. Half the experience of each form is how the piece casts shadows on the wall, a metaphor for existence if there ever was one.... Formerly No Limits for Women in the Arts, it was great to hear what the WALN crew, most whom I've known nearly a decade have been up to...Many accomplishments.... Zahava, a fine sculptor whose getting more renown, has a show December 8....Peter, just back from NYC, alerted me to the Conspiracy of Beards show tonight after I'd picked up my ticket for Etienne de Rocher's last area show for a while at Rickshaw Stop. Life is too full of hard choices-it's nice when you know you'll win either way, which I'm betting on.

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