Friday, December 14, 2007

amrita (aka vanquishing demons)

Amrita=nectar=ambrosia=sweetness (and so much more-tastes good and fights demons).

I got over to the Western Addition Thursday afternoon, post-work, pre-happy hour with the crew from the San Francisco Women's Film Festival @ Madrone Lounge and found certified yoga teacher Govinda Kai and the AYSF crew. Heidi and John were about to leave for India, Kai was visiting, and everyone was expecting Noah & Kimberly to arrive to helm the studio while the owners were away. All these folks are basically the next wave of stateside Ashtanga teachers (though Kai now lives in Japan). I'd just booked my trip for both SXSW and the AYRI-Florida opening so it was especially sweet finding these devoted folks in the oasis that is AYSF amid downtown SF, Muni and city living. Sweeter still was the large pot of chai Heidi and Noah brewed up for we AYSF students to share this morning after Kai's special led class. Worth getting up at the crack of dawn for (and it definitely helped my chill factor while watching two packed Muni busses go by before boarding for the office).
That said, I had a very enjoyable time at Scarlett Shepard's SFWFF mixer. More about that in a later post. I'm getting ready for tonight's Socha gig, Austin pal Erik just called and is back in SF, so it looks like I've a bass player in addition to Peter W and Alex. Sweet!

With that, this is an image of Durga a hindu warrior goddess and demon vanquisher which takes us back to Amrita's powers.....

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