Saturday, December 15, 2007

making the rounds

Among the many bold, creative, community-minded and exceedingly original women filmmakers, artists, musicians and writers who gathered at Madrone Lounge under the auspices of the Women's Film Festival, was Laurel Tielis author of "The Girl's Guide to Getting on Top: Positioning Your Business Through Media Placements." The longtime journalist and frequent speaker and I bonded over forging one's own path and yoga--she's also spent time in India studying asana, albeit with Iyengar rather than Jois. Now I gotta pick up her book.
Arriving at site unseen to play last night's gig at Socha Cafe, I was happy to see that Andre, who also runs the Revolution Cafe on 22nd St. in the heart of the Mission has created a spacious, music-friendly space with a healthy cafe menu. The same convivial crowd has yet to put the new cafe on the map, but I had a good time playing with Alex, Peter and Erik (the first time all at once! and with piano, yay!) as well as listening to their material....the late night prior to a Saturday morning hardly meant I got to sleep in. My neighbors, the African Outlet, were hosting a live broadcast of a KPOO 89.5 FM radio show which meant their usual weekend party started at 8am today. Yikes.

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