Wednesday, December 12, 2007

listening magic

I've been as enthralled as anyone else with the Led Zeppelin concert footage available on YouTUBE for those who weren't in London. Hearing Led Zep as a 12-year-old at Sally's house was analogous to seeing Yosemite Valley for the first time - a big WoW. Is a white haired Jimmy Page not the coolest? Alex and I compared Led Zep stories on the drive to Wendy's for song group last night. Per usual, playing a song to listeners for the first time always makes a song somehow more real and the song-writing community in general, gives validity to the whole path of songwriting. Songsalive! tonight w/Jean, Alex, Tiffany and Steven continues this weeks trend... On that note, old-guard, great writers Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (who kept coming up again and again in various walks of life during the past week, I simply had to do some revisiting) have been a great soundtrack for the day....

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