Saturday, December 8, 2007

made stuff

The Hayes Valley Market place is featuring a show of Hunters Point artists "Off the Point" which is way more convenient than trecking out to the Hunters Point Shipyard to see what that hive of artists is up to. Many of the artist I know that used to have studios out there have moved on to other locations, but I found a few gems amid the show, particularly work by Veronica Orozco, Jane Woolverton and Kim Smith. Likewise the KPFA fair was a somewhat overwhelming mix of craftspeople-I was partial to Sue Fox's quilts and scarves and hilside bags.

I'm happy to report that Peter Whitehead is going to back me up and play some tunes at Friday's Socha show, a very unofficial cd release show for "Turn it All Red." He's one of the first people I met nearly a decade a go when I moved back to California and is probably going to move to NYC soon.

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