Monday, December 17, 2007


It's a percolating time, the end of the year. I'm casting off old things, practicing more, performing less, walking around, thinking hmmm, what next in project land? Partly this is meeting with Ben last week to discuss continued recording, and of course it's the time of the year, my urge to purge consistent with the rapid approach of the winter solstice, and then winter parties full of catching up. It does feel like something has turned over...I ran into Art in the 'hood yesterday, and while comparing weekends on the Boulangerie bench (aka the sunny side of the street), found out he's been playing a lot at the San Francisco Palace Hotel, which is half a block from my office. Today, at the end of a mid-day walk, I popped in to see if he was around. I heard piano ("Comfort & Joy") but couldn't locate it in the Garden Court/Grand Ballroom when I walked through to take a look around. I did find lots of well-dressed patrons eating. I didn't realize it but the hotel was built in 1875. Venerable! A pre- 1906-Earthquake building in my midst! The foyer was also a good place to take some calls. So I've found another mid-city haven. Phew.
I got back to the Rapp Building to find a radiator repairman in the lobby. "This building is old," he said. How old, neither one of us could guess, but evidently the library has an index....digressions and where they lead.....

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