Thursday, January 17, 2008

enjoy the ride and another heroine

Morcheeba is hardly my favorite group, but amid my work today I found this new video (below) and the lyrics are reminding me well...I'm taking the band's advise "stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride." It's been a dense week of experience and I'm in digestion mode. Tuesday was a farewell gathering to neighborhood pal Fernanda @ Hotel Biron. She was off to Mexico for a good architectural project. Bon Voyage. Her work is of the sustainable kind.... change is in the air... Wedneday night, a last-minute Bottom of the Hill excursion to see Ben play with Culan's Hounds was followed by a late night conversation that left me too wired to sleep well. More questions to ponder. So. "Back To Music" is the non-answer answer...RE. the show. The Bottom of the Hill sound sucks and while we enjoyed both the Hounds and the thrash & passion punkabilly of Wilson Gil and the Wilful Sinners...A perk of my job is getting to read up on a lot of new music developments. Some coworkers and I are doing some team building in early February and just bought tickets to see Holy Fuck!
In the onward! looking to role models and heroines department, the legendary dancer, healer and all round performance pioneer Anna Halprin is having an opening tonight at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for her show At the Origin of Performance. I think that's the postwork agenda....

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