Wednesday, January 16, 2008

where we are now...

Part of my Southern California jaunt was catching up with Matt and Becca, two friends from college. Back in the day, we were part of a circle of friends, all in the environmental studies program @ UCSC, who routinely piled in the back of Matt's Econoline for trips to Pinnacles National Monument, the Mojave Desert or Arroyo Seca for mini research expeditions (aka excuses to hang out, cook, camp in the woods, catch snakes and lizards and swim in creeks). Matt played accordion and owned a big old army tent. Their wedding was a three day camp out for friends and family (I made two wedding cakes for the occasion and decorated them with fresh sweet peas).
15 plus years later, Matt is a marriage and family counselor, and Becca teaches at the progressive day school for children they run in San Luis Obispo (art! performance! yoga! amid the 3Rs). I visited Matt's office on my way in and then we stopped into the Manzanita School where I got to regress further...err...try out the fit balls, check out the geckos and get a style treatment from their 7-year old daughter Talia. Garreth, another one of the UCSC crew who now lives in Morrow Bay with his new wife and child, showed up and we went on to a yummy Thai dinner in town before the Linnaea's show (cake and music again on the bill) with Vanessa Van Spall. The following day, I visited Matt and Becca at their home in Los Osos, walked by the waterfront and mulled teaching a week or so at their summer camp...later in the weekend, I caught up with Samantha, also from that college crew, a year into a new marriage and recently recovered from breast cancer. So much has happened between us all--divorces, illnesses, rehab, and nearly everything else in between-- but some things don't change. Here's to friendship.

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