Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm going 'home' this weekend, to Santa Cruz, after SLO, and the past keeps getting me before I've even pointed myself south. Sally sent a post about another, former neighbor passing:

Claire Delano Thompson.

which thoroughly saddened me. Claire was the cool mom on my road. We had few neighbors at the time, and I recall going to her daughter's bday party and being served wine in handmade, pottery wine goblets. My parents weren't hippies but a lot of my classmates were. Anyhow. What really made me sad was her age (only 65) and the cause. A lot of people have died due to cancer in that small community, including my parents, and I can't help thinking it's pesticide related. Springtime on the outskirts of Watsonville, meant crop-dusting and both the school yard and my yard smelled of sulphur and other compounds during that time. Argh.

So, today a few organic and pesticide action links:

Pesticide Action Network

and a quote from another hero:

“We can try to kill all that is native, string it up by its hind legs for all to see, but spirit howls and wildness endures.” — Terry Tempest Williams

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