Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"why not believe, it's all here?"...

those be my lyrics, from a song I'm going to complete later today under Mr. Bernstein's auspices.

In the meantime, speaking of here, (California that is as far as the song goes), and more specifically the neighborhood:

Hayes Valley all-round good person Mario Lemos is one of the curators of Boomerang @ John Hayes Valley Market, 580 Hayes St., SF, this month. I stopped by the opening last night prior to a SXSW Interactive mixer and was impressed with the work.

I talked briefly to one of the artists, Jonas Beacham who has an interesting project in NY, The Hermitage.
Check it out.

What else? On the new to me, and old-guard influences, musician Matt has alerted me to the work of Sia, while Emily has alerted me to some interesting Rickie Lee Jones shows coming up in SF, while work has alerted me to new Moby music who I'm mainly listening to because I think he's a yogi and I'm always curious as how others translate that (Dresden Dolls also have yogic tendencies, I recently found). It's all here but I'm all over the map today...hah

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Karen said...

Great line, coming from you! Thanks for The Hermitage. I need to mapquest it because Beacon is where the great DIA contemporary art gallery is located—a terrific daytrip on the train. What a coup if they're within walking distance.