Tuesday, January 8, 2008

patti smith for president

I was listening to the radio his morning, thinking the key to everything is a good bass line and drumbeat, but talk was on, rather than rock and roll, much of it, of course, centering on the New Hampshire Primary and what's been going down with Hilary and Obama. During the debates, Hilary has been getting attacked in a way that I don't think would happen if she weren't a woman. I'm not saying she's not accountable, but I do wonder how much sexism is factoring into the tone of these debates.... It's great that we have both her and Obama up there, for the facts of what they've transcended to be visible as they are...I do hope Hilary does what Al Gore did if she doesn't move up and realizes the paradoxical freedom inherent to not getting what you want (or thought you wanted) and finds out how best to do her life's work. The truth always wins.....that all said, maybe I'll write in Patti Smith.

I subscribe to Patti Smith's e-newsletter. Part of what this rock star of cool, meaning and music had to say today:
"...we are entering the Chinese Year of the Rat, officially beginning February 7. It signals a time for hard work and renewal. We are counseled to reclaim and magnify our sense of
humor. We will need these attributes as we move through 2008. An election year is always a time of change, of vigilance and self examination. We have to be as sturdy and resilient as a rodent."

In other news, I was happy to be invited to be a part of this show February 23 at
Mission City Coffee in San Jose: "Best of the West: Ten Award-Winning Songwriters in Concert" with Amy Obenski, Gil Stancourt, Chris Hanson and a slew of others.....

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