Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday was not blue

"We're blind to the beauty in our own lives...." Roseanne Cash

I signed up fro "Blog 365" which is post everyday in a year. OK by me, but today is one of those days when I was almost too busy to notice that a lot went really well let alone blog properly --What went well? I woke up and wrote a verse and chorus to a new song that's been brewing for a week; picked up a second order of "Turn It All Red" from the duplicators in anticipation of upcoming shows because I've nearly depleted the first run (it has a slightly reworked layout since I gave Talbot more time to complete it); I am very close to confirming my chosen bday party venue; we decided my title at The Conversation Group should be "Creative Catalyst" and I realized on the way to the yoga studio that that is perhaps the most pleasing title I've yet held. Then Heidi gifted me post-practice with a Mysore blanket fresh from India (pink rather than red). A lot to appreciate.

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Karen said...

Always good to count the blessings every day - along with blogging...