Tuesday, January 29, 2008

more red hearts

I got up early, to a bus early, to a really early dentist appointment to check on my teeth grinding. Words such as 'this is a bandaid,' about my night guard, 'call me when you win the lotto' and 'the tragedy is you have great teeth' are not words you want to hear before 8am. So. I walked down to Union Square smack into the Tony Bennet "Heart on Union Square" ('the best city') and had a great Americano at Emporio Rulli and mulled the dental reality, as well as the big "Go Red for Women" banner outside Macy's, a campaign for heart health for women run by the American Heart Association. Other than thinking, "i need to send them a cd" it led me to think of causes and research and does it help or not? I'm thinking really health all comes downs to prevention and life affirming acts rather than post-illness-diagnosis treatment. Many treatments seem to be about eradicating which I think is violent, rather than more LIFE: organic food, care, love, energy, joy. Anyhow. This is a larger topic than I have time for at the moment.

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