Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the sun also rises

I'm not re-reading Hemingway, though feeling like I should be writing a novel after yesterday's double decker of reality checks (It was a surreal day even after the dentist), and the sun has finally come out which makes for good walking. Speaking of walking.... I was talking to Sam recently, telling her I was considering doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in solidarity with her and the too many other women I know who've been diagnosed. The conversation turned to macabre, tragi-comic laughter as she recounted a story of a walker who hurt her toe so bad during the 39-mile trek she was on crutches for a while ("a toe for a breast!"). This isn't funny-funny I know but it was one of those moments you have to crack up. Other work led me to the Gal to Gal foundation...and then the Women's ECommerce Association...and then I just started listening to singer/songwriter Sam Phillips which Jacqui re-reminded me about and am mulling the Mary Gauthier/Mark Olson show at Great American this weekend.

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