Friday, January 25, 2008


If there's two things that interest me more than anything it's change and process. Habits are just habits, but deconditioning, even if you know what needs to change is a chip, chip chip chipping away. It's what practice (spiritual, musical or otherwise) is about in my book. That said, I haven't been soldiering through having a bad cold during the past day and a half. So I've been crying uncle and taking inspiration instead, and reading a lot about other artists, and sleeping. Interesting article on artmaking in 1/28 New Yorker. Calvin Tomkins profiles John Currin and his pornographic painting. Also enjoying the current issue of Bomb on all things Brazil. Both New York I know, I know, but I've yet to find a California equivalent that equals either periodical. Continuing with NYer artists, I've been tipped off to Jeffrey Lewis, several times in the past week. He's at Noise Pop in March.

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